MW Orb made between June 24th and July 4th notification


This is a quick note to those who ordered MW Training Orbs between June 24th and July 4th. I am sending this letter to notify you that I am remaking all Orbs made between June 24th and July 4th. This is due to a defective core. I was able to catch most of the defects before they were shipped and have already started pouring the replacement Orbs so there are only a few that got shipped out. If you have other product that were ordered at the same time I will go ahead and send those items to you separately. The defect was from the manufacturer of the core. I knew that they sent the wrong cores but went ahead and made them because I wanting to get the product out without unnecessary delay. After testing them I decided to remove them from shipping because I do not think the core will hold up when used against concrete walls. I apologize for the mishap but would rather apologize for delaying to meet quality standards instead of sending out product I would not be happy with later on.


I will ship out the replacement Orbs by Friday, July 21st (sooner if possible).


Again, if you ordered additional product at the same time I will go ahead and ship them separately, so don’t be surprised if you receive everything other than your MW Orb. This does not affect the HW Orbs or Jr. Orbs. If you ordered a HW Orb or Jr. Orb they will be shipped out as scheduled.


Thank you for your patience,

Rick Benoit (505) 900-4803


PS: I will also record each of those affected by this and offer those customers with a 20% discount on their next order.

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