Production Process

Let me try this. Please understand I will not have time to answer emails and messages in a way that will make people happy. I simply have too much work to do and there is no productivity spending time communicating on the internet. I will post the order number and where it is in the production process. This allows me to edit one post instead of having to create a new report every day. 

Product is either in the Queue (waiting in line) pouring, curing, trim, shipping, shipped. 

  • Everything that has been ordered has been poured and will be shipped out on Tuesday, May 2nd.
  • I have been preparing for the next phase of production which is to have stock items available. That means I have to do a lot of mold making over the next couple weeks. I will still take orders but be patient my focus is to make sure I am capable of having stock inventory by the end of April. This made to order production has been difficult for everyone especially me. Thank you for your patience.


Everything is back on schedule. I ship once a week. Right now that is on Tuesday. I want everyone to know that every tool is made to order. This is mainly because I can only make product so fast. It is a very time consuming process and ask for your patience. 3 to 4 weeks is not abnormal when it gets busy and please take that into consideration. Thank you for your patience


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