Production Process for Training Tools

Special Note - Please be informed about the production process of BowlU Training Tools. I am grateful that I am able to provide them for those who want them, but I ask you for your patience during the production process.


An important message I want to be sure everyone understands, so I am putting it on the front page. The training products I make are all handmade and it is a very time-consuming process, most notably the Training Orb (because it is a 6-step process with curing time as well). I politely ask for your patience. It is hard to know when it will busy and when it won't be. It seems to be common that when I schedule a camp, orders come in right before I am scheduled to leave. How people know when I am leaving is beyond me LOL!!!

I ask for your patience because I think it is the best option. The training products are very productive and I want to be able to provide them for anyone who wants them, but keep in mind this is not a full-time business and I make them to last a very long time so the market it not very renewable. I am happy the demand is as high as it is, but having explored the possibility of hiring full-time employees or having someone else make them would not be a good business decision at this time. Expect the process to take 3-4 weeks from the time you make your order. If I am able to get ahead of orders, consider that a bonus.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to call me at (505) 900-4803

I will continue to make the training products because they are so productive, but I don't ever expect them to be profitable enough to make them a full-time commitment. It is a labor of passion that I hope continues to grow, I am constantly monitoring the possibilities.

Thank you for your support